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Thank you Ms. Ellen Adarna for having Pinklemonade Balloons..

We would like to express our utmost and heartfelt gratitude to Miss Ellen Adarna for choosing us to fancify her son's birthday last week. Most importantly, thankful for her warmest hospitality towards us.

Regardless of the current ECQ situation we are experiencing, still she managed to make her son's birthday extra special, despite not having guests to celebrate with them. This is to avoid aftereffects since mass gatherings are strictly prohibited, some might think otherwise upon posting pictures online.

Supposedly, we had a different set-up plan, however, we had to alter the plan owing to the fact that Cebu City reverted to ECQ. So, She decided to have the party decorations displayed inside their house. Besides, it's still fine to have the set-up done in the house with the family. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Planning a party celebration doesn't need a glamorous and spacious area. We can all enjoy it, and have a good time with the family in a Homey experience inside the house.

Most importantly, the moments we make together, the fun we savor altogether, and the memories we will remember and share forever.

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